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Mega Bomberman
Bomberman is a special game like Pac-Man or Tetris or Super Mario Bros. It has something in common with each of those. A puzzle game with boards and enemies and bombs. Very fun and addictive. After a few hours of play, everything looks like a maze of obstacles to duck behind or blow up: classrooms, city blocks, the Macintosh desktop. Bomberman is rilly rillly cute, looks like Marioland done over by Sanrio. A version of this game has been done for every system since NES except maybe Mac and Jaquar. Even Virtual Boy has one, I think.
Silpheed (CD)
One reason to own Sega CD. Incredible old-fashioned space shoot-em-up, like Xevious with a little 3-d depth. Nice graphics and heroic music. The ships are actually 3-d polygon models! Theres a polygon test mode! (like sound test) Unlike the pictures on the box, there are tons and tons of enemies.
Super Street Fighter II
Classic 2-d fighting game that everyone loves and plays. The game and the whole SF series has aged a heck of a lot better than Mortal Kombat. Nice 2-d characters, fun animation and goofy moves. I always play Chun Li or Cammy. I like Chun Li cuz she has fat legs like me and I think its funny that she fights in pantyhose. Cammy is super cute n kinda looks like Sailor Moon. She has kinda big legs too n her butt sticks out of her leotard which is a l'il much.
Space Harrier (32X)
Besides VF, the reason I got 32X. Just like the arcade! Flying dude with a jetpack and laser game. Really goofy enemies. Like in Afterburner, 32X did that whole mid-late 80's era of Sega games real well. You know, bright colors, big chunky explosions, etc. More fun than about 50 levels of Doom (which is pretty dang fun).
Sonic the Hedgehog
The game that established the Genesis and buried Mario temporarily. Still loads of fun., tho I'm kinda sick of Sonic. I also got Sonic 2 which has really nice levels, plus Tails the fox, but its too easy with too few enemies.
The Adventures of Batman & Robin
Pretty much all licensed games suck, but Batman games are usually pretty good. This is the one based on the animated series. It's one of the last Genesis games I bought. You throw Batarangs and stuff all over the screen as Mr. Freeze and Joker, etc send tons of dudes out to kick your ass. Wonderful 2-player mode.
Lightening Force: Quest for the Darkstar
It's really spelled that way! This was like Thunderforce 2 or something in Japan. Awesome side-scrolling 2-d shooter, and my favorite on 16-bit systems. Supposedly it was so good, the Genesis game was ported to the arcade rather than vice versa. Beautiful graphics, great cheesy music and loud sounds. Its really fast and intense, you get great weapons (including good tailgun options) and a throttle control. Wierd enemies and really mean bosses. You kin choose the order of your missions and they try to break out of the 2-d plane at times (with perspective-defying results). There is slowdown when there is too much stuff on screen, but still way better and faster than SNES shooters. Awesome (did I already say that?), very hard and addictive. Must-have for shooter fans.
Steel Empire
A really old Genesis game, it's the weirdest shooter since Fantasy Zone. Like Defender or Scramble, except in a retro-future world. Think Jules Verne or Kishin Corps. Any game where you get to fly a blimp I love.
Ecco the Dolphin (CD)
I'm really too simple for RPG games. Ecco combines side-scrolling platform action with adventure and puzzles. Some of the puzzles are just too frustrating, specially since I've already figured them out, but can;t make Ecco do them right away. Beautiful graphics and sound. I've already wasted tons of time on Ecco. I have the sequel with its nice FMV CG, but I haven't really played it cuz I haven't finished the first.
The NewZealand Story (Mega Drive)
A lost Japan-only classic from Taito. I dont think it ever came to America. Bizarre name and funky hand-drawn cover art. Like Bomberman or Taito's own Bubble Bobble, NewZealand Story combines puzzles with cuteness and action and violence. You play a young Kiwi chick (the bird kind) who hasta rescue his friends kidnapped by a walrus. You fly around on balloons and stuff and shoot arrows and pick up powerups, weapons and fruit. Very wierd! Very cute, too, with almost 8-bit graphics. It shoulda been a hit here, they coulda called it Kiwi Chick or somethin.
Starblade (CD): like Silpheed, old-skool space game meets not-quite-next-generation graphics. Front view, point and shoot at wireframe enemies in a polygonal universe.
Afterburner (32X): see Space Harrier above. Fly a jet fighter, blowin up lots of enemies. Metalhead (32X): Kinda lame typical mid-90's Sega game. Mech combat with really lame explosions, but they did try on the 3-d environment. You can change the subtitles to Japanese and replace the bad FMV with anime characters and speed up the quasi-industrial pseudo-metal soundtrack so that it sounds like 1000bpm breakbeat gabba with guitars. Then it's kinda fun.
Shadow Squadron (32X): Lame Sega name, but real good. Space combat with polygon graphics and full 3-d movement. Still, Star Wars is more fun. Kewl explosions and you can play back your game as a movie with shifting camera angles. This and Star Wars keep me from throwing out my 32X.
Samurai Shodown (CD) Like Street Fighter II with some differences, like weapons (duh) Some really wacky characters. I play Nakoruru, the cute Ainu girl, cuz she looks like Shampoo from Ranma 1/2. Loading times suck tho.
Gunstar Heroes Explosive shooting game with cute graphics. Like a cross between Batman and Robin and Contra, but much wilder. Cuz it's from Treasure! Killer weapons and you can pick up enemies and throw them into more enemies who all blow up fabulously. Bizarre level design.
Star Wars Arcade (32X) Star Wars games (and Lucas games as well) either totally suck or don't. This one doesn't and its my favorite. It's like the classic old Atari vector game, but with real graphics and it's harder.
Virtua Fighter (32X) I picked up 32x with VF for $30 when Toys R Us was practically throwing 32x's out the door. Not the lame 2-d 16-bit VF, but a good version of the arcade and pretty incredible. It's actually better than the (bad) orginal Saturn version. Big chunky 3-d fighters. VF2 for Saturn is a million times better and I don't play this hardly since. I play as Pai Chan, even though she is a bit matronly for an 18-year-old.
Mamono Hunter Yohko (Mega Drive) You know her! Devil Hunter Yohko from the anime. She kinda looks like a brunette Sailor Moon in a long Chinese dress. Kinda average 2-d platform game (think bad Valis or Castlevania clone), with low-end 16-bit graphics. Except parts of the level design are quite innovative and she's so cute it's fun! Her dress always goes flying up when she jumps. Oopsie! The demons are pretty scarey-lookin. I dig the cheesy spooky music.
Streets of Rage Old classic Sega side-scrolling beat-em-up. This was one of the first games I wanted for Genesis when I got it but I only picked it up recently. I play it a lot. The graphics are primitive but nice and the music is usually pretty good. The composer, Yuzo Koshiro, even got credit fer it, so he must be a big name (actually he is!). You kin play as a cute chick in a micro-mini n ankle booties (she looks like a slutty 1980s guidette). I don't know how she kin do high kicks in that skirt. There are tons of baddies to beat up, and it's kinda easy except for the bosses who are pretty mean. There were two sequels on Genesis.
Valis Sidescrolling fantasy platformer. You play Yuko, a schoolgirl who invades a scary fantasy world to beat the monsters who are invading hers. You run and jump a lot n swing yer sword at bad beasties. Um, yeah, kinda like Devil Hunter Yohko. Valis came first, I think, and I mostly like it better. Yuko wears cute schoolgirl and fantasy warrior outfits and has long blue hair. There's even a story with lil animated (barely) full-screen (not quite) frames. There are power-up and spells and stuff too to make it more interesting. It's kinda easy, fun and the bosses are pretty kewl. Recommended. There are a couple sequels on Genesis, some games on PC-Engine and at least one on NES, called Phantasm Warrior in Japan.
Vectorman Like Donkey Kong Country on the SNES, Vectorman came out late in the system's life and brought it to new graphical heights. Vectorman's not vector graphics, but rather pseudo-3d prerendered sprites. They even faked lightsourcing. Its pretty amazing. Look at the first level with its waving flags and transparent glass panes. The music's n sound's pretty good too. It's a platform-shooter, not as intense as Gunstar Heroes or the Contra games, but real good gamplay-wise. It's also apparently American. Vectorman is a morphing robot made out of green globby orbs of something. Fer some reason you blow up lots of TV sets (fun) and get powerups. Most of em don't make much difference but the one that makes you morph into a hand grenade is fun. There was a sequel on Genesis which is still one of the most expensive games I've seen for that system and Vectorman 3 was gonna come out fer Saturn but was cancelled.