I'm slowly instituting my own game ratings system here...What the icons mean:
Favorite: a real fave game (duh)...Violence: nuff said..most games are violent but when you see the cute l'il skull you'll know it is fer sure...Shooting: emphasis on aiming and firing a projectile or beam to destroy something...includes Puzzle but not Bubble Bobble...GFX: has pretty, striking or original graphics...Sound FX: noises that stand out...Muzik: particularly good or fun soundtrax...Cute Game: it'll be obvious...Cute Girl: any game where you kin play as a cute female of any species (Amy from Sonic counts, as do any cute girl robots) ...Games that include non-playable but standout female characters may be included...Old-skool: Games from the classic days of video games...Late 70's, 80's thru early 90's...or games simply reminiscent of these more innocent times. 2-d gfx, old-fashioned play mechanics, etc...:Japan: especial Japanese flava...many games come from Japan, but not all have the flava. Virtua Fighter 2 may not have it but Fighting Vipers and Street Fighter do. It's subjective...I know it when I see it.. If there is anything you disagree with in these reviews, let me know (I may not agree or even care but I'd still like ta hear!)

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